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Custom E-Z Up Shelters

Transform your Instant Shelter into a colorful, eye-catching E-Z UP displaying your logos, graphics and lettering. Custom Tops are available in 22 designer fabric colors and multiple color combinations.


Check out our custom E-Z Up banners. Banners are a perfect way to advertise for your business or event. These are an excellent way to present your ideas to the public. Many styles and sizes available. Comes complete with e-z ups award winning graphics.


Check out our custom E-Z Up flags. Perfect for business looking to promote their name or ideas. Great for advertising for recreation events and more. Many styles, shapes, and sizes available. We have the correct flag for you or your business.

Table Covers

Check our E-Z Ups custom table covers. They come complete with E-Z ups award winning graphics. These custom table covers give you instant branding while covering your materials stowed beneath the table. Turn your table into a marketing billboard today!

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Artwork Requirements

Are you looking to purchase one of our custom products? Please check out our artwork requirements before proceeding so you can get your custom products fast and easy.