8' x 20' Sidewall - White

8' x 20' Sidewall - White


8×20 Sidewalls with options 15 oz


 Made out of Commercial Grade Vinyl Laminates.


* Fire Retardant to the highest California Fire Marshall Standard.
* Commercial Grade Vinyl Features three or four layers of vinyl
* Stainless Steel buckles on top of wall for long lasting use.
* Pole strap to make sure the sidewall weight is evenly supported.
* Velcro Closure for connect to othe sidewall system.
* Stainless Steel Grommets for long lasting use and prevent rust-dirt.
* Stake Strap to tie the wall to the ground
* Pole pockets to prevent excessive flapping in windy situation
* All stitches are sewned using highest quality thread.
* RF Heat seal for long lasting seams. Material available in 13 oz. economy and 15 oz. standard blackout.
Standard colors are white.   Special Colors available: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Tan, Orange, and Black.All sidewalls can have different options.  Please inquire for details about special options.

  • Part: SW820
  • Shipping Weight: 22.9lbs
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