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Step 1: Prepare your artwork following our Artwork Requirements to ensure the fastest and highest quality results.


Step 2: Fill out the form, select "Choose File", upload your artwork and click submit!

Once your artwork files are uploaded, our design experts will ensure your artwork is perfect and ready to print. We’ll check the print size, colors and quality of the artwork. Don’t worry, we’ll send you proofs to assure it’s just the way you want!

Need help with your design or order? Most design or product questions can be answered by one of our team members. You can give them a call at (800) 313-3672 or email at support@shopaatents.com


When uploading your artwork, use the following guidelines to ensure the highest quality results. This will also ensure prompt service and keep additional artwork charges to a minimum. If you need any help, please call or email us at support@shopaatents.com.

Perfect Graphic File Formats

These file types enable us to turn your design around faster than other file types.

Adobe Illustrator Document (.ai)

PostScript File (.eps)

Portable Document Format File (.pdf)

Acceptable Graphic File Formats

With these file types, it may take a little longer to print your design. Our Team will contact you.

PNG Image (.png)

JPEG Image (.jpg)

GIF Image (.gif)

File Size

The maximum file size allowed for upload is 15MB,

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